Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Crochet Hook

So, Sunday I dropped by the local JoAnn's store and bought a new crochet hook.
Susan Bates brand, which I had not really used before as I prefer the Boye brand.  However, I was looking for something a little more hand friendly and had seen some one using one of these hooks.  WOW oh WOW what a difference.  I was just shocked at how different the hook felt and the result in my work.  At first the hook was a bit awkward to use, seems I am used to holding my crochet hook up rather high and my hand was barely even on the wood handle part.  Oh and that bamboo wood handle is so nice and smooth.  Once I got started using it and making an effort to position my hand more on the handle part it soon was feeling quite comfortable to use.  I also noticed that my tension in the stitches was not nearly as tight for some reason with this new hook.  That is a wonderful thing for me because I crocheted way to tight.  I only bought two, but will be going back for some additional sizes soon.

A friend of mine requested a green crocheted hat that I pinned to my board on Pinterest.  So, pulling out the green yarn (her color request) I decided to work with the new hook and before I knew it I was finished.
This is called the Easy Peasy Hat and you can find the pattern for free here. Mary has a wonderful blog so stop in and read it sometime.  The pattern for the flower came from somewhere else, I went to Crochet Pattern Central and searched from flower patterns.  There were so many, but am pretty sure it is one of the six petal ones.

Well, on another note, last week I listed a few books to sell on Amazon.com.  I had forgotten that the account was linked to a different email account so it took me a few days to discover that several of the books had sold.  I started getting them ready for the mail, took several to the post office on Friday only to get back home and find that I had put the wrong pre-paid postage label on one of the books.  I am hoping that the book will some how find its way back to me, but have learned that I need to put on my glasses and be very careful with shipping details from now on.  I am going to the store today to get some sticker paper so I can print the labels out and then peel and attach to the packages.

Guess I better get moving, I am driving my mom and one of her sweet little friends to lunch today.  This should be an experience to say the least.  The friend uses a walker to get around and my mom should.  We are going to the new Golden Corral, buffet style service, so am sure I will be making several trips to the food for them. Guess it will help me work off what I eat.

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