Thursday, January 19, 2012

Strange Week

This has certainly been a very strange week.  For the first part of the week I didn't have the grand baby, he was with the other grand mother.  I have been cleaning closets and plan to clean out the sewing room, which I have decided to call the DIVA DEN, since us Divas hang out there.  Although my daughter is the only Diva around here.  I am always amazed at the things I find when I clean out an area completely.  Patterns and projects I have completely forgotten about, as well as supplies that I had forgotten I even had.

That being said, for the moment, the activity of the day (okay for a few days, for the moment anyway) is crocheting.  I will post photos later, but have completed two hat and scarf sets to donate to the church and have almost finished a scarf for my oldest daughter.  This is a funny thing for her, she sent me a photo of a scarf.  Nothing about if she likes it, wants one, doesn't like it or anything, just sent me the photo which was from some one's Etsy store.  So, with a little research, I found the name of the pattern and found several free patterns for that on the internet.  Bought some gray yarn like the photo, and so it began, I am making a Queen Anne's Lace scarf for her.  Hope she was sending a hint. LOL

I have the baby today and tomorrow, so not much time to post.  Youngest daughter is out of school tomorrow so will be able to get a little more done as she can keep up with the baby.  I did get my Etsy shop opened, not still need to set up a little bit, and then start listing some items.  Hopefully will be set up more completely by next week.

Baby is awake, have to run.  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.  Come back soon.

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