Sunday, March 3, 2013

March - New Month

I am so very glad to have February behind me.  Very emotional month as it was the first of some special occasions with out my mom.  My birthday, the day they got the call that they were getting me, the day they travelled to San Antonio and picked me up. 

Also, I have been so sick through most of February that I don't even remember most of  it.  Just when I am finally feeling better, the women's friend from heck has decided to visit with a vengeance.  Oh well if it isn't one thing it's another.

Now hubby has the sinus/head bug going again in full force this morning.  It started yesterday, but has really got him knocked down today as well.  I am praying that he keeps it to himself this time.

On a good note, I was actually able to get a little work done this past week.  Two quilts for the church quilt ministry project, need to tie knots but will be doing that while I watch new series The Bible on the history channel tonight.  We have Direct TV and we will get the first showing tonight at 5:00pm pacific time.  I think it will be very interesting to watch as it is reported to be made more for scriptural accuracy than for Hollywood ratings.  We will see.  Roma Downey of Touched By an Angel television series fame and her husband are producing it.  Also got a UFO project completely finished.  Have three  other projects basted, need quilted and bindings.  One project finished the quilting just need to find fabric for binding, then bind and finish. 

Some other irons in the fire, bought EQStitch from Electric Quilt today.  It is rumored to be able to digitize drawings from EQ 7 for machine embroidery, including applique as well.  I can't wait to see what it will do with my embroidery machine.  I also bought Block Base, have not played with it much, but have looked through it enough to know it will be great support for my EQ 7 program.  Still going through the lessons with EQ 7, but so far have been understanding it so on the positive side with all that. 

Hope to do a little crocheting this week as well.  I just never know how I am going to feel, physically, and what I will be able to do while Mr. M is here.  He is really starting to show a lot of personality these days.

Still haven't been able to rearrange my living room furniture, but now have hubby on board with the whole idea.  I have to bring him along in stages with the plans to the house.  A lot of remodeling to do.  Now, this is just our little secret, but am secretly plotting the remodel jobs in such a way that will in the end, free up some space in the sewing room for a quilting frame set up.  Found what I want, just have to decide on which brand of machine to go with it, and...have to wait until all the remodel is completed to see just how much space will be available.  I have decided against the plan of turning oldest daughter's (Miss Zebra) room into more sewing room when she moves out.  For one, it will be at the very least two years before that happens...hoping it will be longer.  Also, have decided to keep it as a bedroom, but will be kind of turning it in to a play room for the grand babies.  Mr. M will be close to four by that time and the newest arrival (expected to arrive in July) will be two.  I can do with out a big long arm quilter a while to make room for them.  Also, the room isn't really big enough for a large set up.

Have a great day and come visit again soon.