Friday, February 8, 2013

Rough Few Weeks.

My goodness, has it been a train derailment around here or what?  I had all these great plans for things to get done while hubby was gone on his trip.  Well, I got sick and the plans all flew out the window for the most part.

I will post more details on my quilt blog about how all of that is coming, same with the other blogs.  But, for here I will just give a brief rundown on how things have gone.

I have finally gotten my sewing room all set up just the way I wanted.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my chair.  The desk is working out really well too.  Since this photo was taken, I have moved the rolling cart to sit out of the way under my sewing table.  Then moved the desk over further and placed a new printer/scanner in between the chair and desk.

So, here is what happened.  I clicked on something wrong somewhere and instead of getting rid of all my cookies (the computer was slowing down some) I some how managed to make the computer restore back to the first day I bought it.  I lost all the added programs.  My files were still there, photos and such, but gone was my EQ 7, printer, Office and such.  In fact, ever since I did the restore there is one email account I cannot get in to.  I am now locked out of it and hope that I can remember my security questions when I am able to use that option later this evening.  I don't understand it, I have three yahoo mail accounts and have no problem getting in to the other two.

Oh well, that is life.  On top of being sick, and this one has really knocked me on my butt, we had two vehicles broken in to.  Passenger side windows were busted out on both of them.
Really pisses me off, they stole the registration slips from both the vehicles.  We have full coverage insurance, but $1,000.00 deductible so it wouldn't help any.  Cost $245 for van window (not getting the pick up fixed just yet) and almost two hours wait time.  Then came home to pick up a jacket and such to find the street filled with police.  A little gang of thugs had broken in to some houses  a few blocks away and ran in to our neighborhood to hide.  They were caught, although there is conflicting reports of whether the three picked up were the only ones or if there were five of them.  At any rate, then I had to go sit and wait at the DMV to get a copy of my registration.  Took an hour just to get a number, then over an hour for that number to be called.  And...of course the state has to get there money, $19 for them to push a button and print off a piece of paper.  What really got my goat so to speak, there are 18 windows to service customers at the DMV.  There were exactly 5 that actually had people working them.  Then, one worker had to come over to another one and help her (talking to the customer quite a bit - very friendly they were) for about ten minutes.  Then she headed off to a break for another 10 minutes or so.  When she finally came back to her window my number was finally called.  Now I know that those DMV clerks get a lot of cranky customers, no one really wants to have to pay all the stupid fees this state charges, but I really think that if they went to some training on how to be at the very least polite, pleasant and respectful, maybe they would get a little bit better attitude back at them.  Just saying is all.
Well, that pretty much catches us up. more thing.  Found out that grand baby number four is going to be a girl.  Finally a little pink in the sea of blue.

Thanks for stopping in.