Saturday, October 5, 2013

October - Must be fall.

Temperatures here have finally dropped...a little.  We are only in the 80's these days.  The mornings and evening feel really wonderful though and it is so nice to be able to just open the windows for a while.  Where we live, there is not really much change from season to season.  Most of the town stays green year round and only a few of the trees will start to loose their leaves, but not until we have our first really cool spell.  Up on the mountain however, it is apple season and if one drives up there (about 35 minutes or so) then the trees are turning all their glorious colors signaling fall is upon us and winter is soon to follow.

Miss Zebra and I finished our first course of cake decorating, the basics.
This one was mine.  I did yellow roses for Texas.  I had a different blue, more of a denim blue, icing that I had intended for the border, but time ran out to make Miss Zebra's purple for her border so she used mine in the class and the teacher made me use another student's left over to get us caught up from being late.    I had an awful time with crumbs on these two cakes.
This is my daughter's cake.  Miss Zebra was very proud of herself and has now approached her school club leader to have a bake sale for their fundraising, she has offered to make cupcakes...10 dozen...lots of cupcakes.  Pretty sure I will end up helping to finish them up.  At least cupcakes ice our quickly.

Hubby heard from insurance yesterday, we are coming out quite well on the settlement.  He is worked yesterday to get our old little Toyota truck running so he can drive it to work and back, that way Miss Zebra will be able to drive herself again.  She has our old suburban as her 97 model.  In fact, it was my dad's, we bought it from my mom when dad passed away in 2003, and am pretty sure he bought it about the same time she was born.  Miss Zebra kind of digs on the fact that she has something that was her Papaw's.  She kind of got cheated out of getting to know him as well as the other kids did.  But still runs so why not.

Things are finally starting to progress, well getting started anyway, with the kitchen remodel.  I am going to a second design session with the Lowe's guy and am hoping that by the end of the week will have an official start on this thing.  He estimates 6-8 weeks for completion.  Much better than the 16 weeks from Home Depot.  A little cheaper as well, not by much, but their installation cost is cheaper, so much so that I am more than likely going to let them do it all.  Well, cabinets and counter tops anyway, we will do the lighting, hooking up appliances, floor repairs and backsplash.  Our neighbor is a contractor and he is supposed to be working on an estimate as well, but he hasn't got a lot of time as he is full of jobs and I don't know if he would even be able to do it any time soon.

Okay, so off I go.  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  Please come back soon and visit.