Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Here it is, September, and the month is practically gone.  Time is flying by suddenly.  Of course it doesn't help to realize there are only 91 days left before Christmas.  Big plans around here for the holiday, but I won't go in to details until I have firmed up the plans a bit.

So, recap of the month since last posting.

Hubby and kids went camping, I stayed home to clean and organize, got nothing done.  Youngest grand son, Mr. M., went and had a blast.  However, since coming back, his terrible twos have seemed to kick in from time to time. Oh not really so bad, better than most, just think it is funny.

We have also been the victims of auto theft.  My husband's pick up was stolen from in front of our house.  Makes me so mad to think that who ever did this is probably on welfare.  I just get really angry when things like this happen.  We work very hard to have the things we do.  Then, the low life criminal thugs come prowling around and think they are entitled to just take what ever they want to gain a buck with out any thought of what they do to the family they steal from.  In our case, they took a man's transportation to work, a family's means to go out and have fun, a teen's security (she is afraid they will come back) and a man's small dream that brought him happiness.  My husband look through ads and Craig's list for three years before he found that truck.  I must say, he is taking it all so much better than I thought he would.  Like he said, it is just a thing.

School is back in full swing for youngest daughter, Miss Zebra.  Her senior year.  I am struggling a bit with this, only because she is a really young senior.  Her birthday is late in the year, so even though this is her last year of school she won't be 17 until November.  In fact, she won't turn 18 until well in to her first semester of college.  So, that makes for busy days between school, year book editor, drama (she just landed her first role) and the non-school related activities of ice skating lessons and church youth events.

Oh, and Miss Zebra and I are taking cake decorating classes together too.
Six on left are mine, six (well five, her dad ate one) on right are her's.  I doubt this will lead to any cottage industry type income, but we are having fun.  I hear the instructors and some other bakers talk about how many days it takes them to do a cake...well, I just don't have that kind of interest in the hobby.  I want to be able to make some nice cupcakes to take to the church or for one of the grand kids party or for a bake sale.  I also want to be able to make a nice looking cake for a pot luck, bible group, family birthdays and such.  Actually, I want to take the gum paste course, but have to take the first two courses first.  Years ago I would make roses from clay for ceramic projects and they are very similar to the gum paste.  Honestly, from what I have seen, it is a lot like working with play dough and that is always fun.

Kitchen remodel has had several design changes, but still on hold.  Now, hubby has to finish up a couple of other projects and then we can start.  I have the final lay out decided, there are only two design points left to finalize.  The cabinets, as to whether to buy new ones or re-finish the existing ones.  I am also trying to choose whether I will be purchasing a cook top and built in oven or new stove or just keeping the one I have.  It works fine, it is just a matter of my wanting a 5 burner stove.  Will post when the actual project gets going.

Man, I am battling the sleepiness.  Keep dozing off while I type.  I can't sleep because I have a two year old running around, and may be getting his little sister this afternoon.  Think I need to get up and walk around a bit.

Thanks for stopping in and check back often.