Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday 1-16

Wow, the week went pretty fast.  Youngest daughter has a school holiday today so am hoping to take advantage of that and get a little work done around here.  Will see if that actually works.

So, still waiting on part for the oven, so the menu plan for the week may change a little, but here is what is planned for this week.

Mon. - Crockpot stuffed chicken rolls, veggies, foccacia bread
Tue. - Ground beef & tomato casserole
Wed. - Creamy lemon chicken, pasta
Thu. - Pork chops, stuffing, black eye peas
Fri. - Garlic shrimp, spinach pasta
Sat. - Mini shepherd's pie
Sun. - Spicy honey brushed thighs, rice, brocolli

I have to say that for the most part I stuck to the menu plan very well.  A few changes here and there because of the oven problem, but I didn't go buy any extra ingredients.  I was a bit surprised to once again see how little trash I had this week due to the real food challenge.  An added bonus from the planned meals and using what is in the pantry is that I used almost half the gas in the car that I normally do.  This week should be pretty light on the gas too as I won't be picking up the baby or doing any shopping trips for my mom.

If you need a little inspiration, go check out MPM over on Organizing Junkie.  Hundreds of bloggers link their meal plans up each week there.

I did however, make one trip to the store that cost more than I should have spent.  I purchased a generous supply of various colors of yarn.  Our church is doing a collection drive for cold weather items for a local mission.  I plan to crochet several hats and scarves to donate.  I was looking through my yarn stash, even made one set using some of it, but after looking at the finished set decided that it was just a little too feminine looking for a man.  Therefore...expensive trip to purchase yarn.  Will post my progress.

Thanks for stopping by.

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