Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hooking Again.

I have been doing a little hooking lately.  Steel hooks and yarn. LOL  I have been crocheting.  I have on and off over the years crocheted a lot of things.  Basic things, as I am mostly self taught and consider myself a beginner.  When I was little, it was necklace's.  Teen years it was granny square afghan's and baby blankets.  When I married, it was baby blankets a few lace collars and attempts at Barbie clothing.  Then it all go packed away and I didn't touch the stuff for many years.  Like about 15 years or so.  Then, I was asked to help make some hats for a couple of soldiers.  Will have to see if I can find those photos.  At any rate, I dug out my hook, bought some black yarn and started hooking again.

Those soldiers wanted more hats for their buddies, I made them up and sent them, 250 of them.  Then I tried my hand at some slippers, sent them.  Received an email from my soldier explaining that one of the guys had really big feet, could I make some for him.  So I did, and for a few of their friends, about 100 pairs when said and done.  Then I made some baby sets, which I sold as a gift set with a hand made quilt.  Then I put the hooking away, with all my quilting supplies, when I took a full time job for a few years.  Now that I am no longer working, some things have a way of working their way back out in the open.  I had intended to take up scrapbooking, card making, stamping and such, along with beading.  I have a room now over flowing with all these supplies.  As I was making the decision, and more importantly acting on that decision, to start paring down the supplies, the allure of hooking, and quilting, and sewing, called to me once again.

This time, it started with a cryptic email from my oldest daughter, the teacher.  She sent me a photo of a crocheted scarf.  Nothing telling me that she wanted it, nothing asking if I could make one, nothing even asking for one.  I did a little research, found out that it is called Queen Anne's Lace. So, I tried it out.
And I made one, gray, just like the photo.  Now, the photo was of one that a woman made and sold on Etsy. That of course put the seed of an idea that maybe I could do the same thing.  I think it looks nice.

Now, while all of this is taking place, our church put a little notice in the bulletin announcing that they are taking donations through January for cold weather items (scarves, hats, gloves, socks, etc.) for the Rescue Mission (a local homeless shelter)  My brain, which gets me in to more trouble than I care to admit, popped in to gear and told me to start hooking again.  So...I spent last week working on some sets in the evenings.

And there you go.  Two sets to take to church, along with some that I bought at the dollar store (that are thin fleece) so feel that I have participated enough.  I have also created/designed my own pattern for a scarf.  It is pretty simple, but I am well pleased with the look of it.  Although, it is taking me way longer than I like to get very far along with it, so have put it up for a few days while I work on something else. However, that little seed of an idea, about Etsy, just kept growing and I took the plunge, I opened an account and will start listing some things there.  You can list hand made goods, vintage items and supplies. I have some one in the family that would love to get some American Girl outfits, feel pretty sure that they would sell well too. I will be spending some time (okay, a lot of time) photographing some vintage shoes, patterns, figures and such to put in my store. Listing some supplies as well that I have found while cleaning.  There will be more I am sure when I hit this Diva Den aka sewing/craft room for a mad cleaning and organizing session.  Also going to move things around a bit to see if I can make a little more working room.

Did I mention that when I head in to a hobby I head in head first with both feet?  I have found a couple of PIGS (projects in grocery sacks) I am going to finish up and then see if I can either sell them or donate them.  And, as if I really have enough time for that kind of thing (taking care of a baby again) I have jumped in and joined some crochet swaps once again.  However, this time I am at least attempting to be more organized about it.  Before I signed up for the swaps I completed my offerings for the swaps then created a detailed spread sheet for swapping.  Oh go ahead and laugh, but when I use to swap, I would mail out 10-12 packets every month.  I also know myself well enough that it won't be long before I am up to that point again.  There are crochet swaps, embroidery swaps, quilt swaps and more.  When I was doing paper crafts, I was mailing off at least that many per month, but I am not letting myself getting back in to the paper crafting on that big of scale.  Only to make a few private cards or lay outs.

On the menu plan front, I have planned out a few weeks worth, for the most part I have been following it.  Not exactly, but close.  My oven is still out and so I am working on trying to make the same dish either in the microwave, on the stove top or in the crock pot.

Well, I have pretty much wasted the day away, just not feeling well and the wind is blowing in a winter storm along with a ton of dust.  Makes my head hurt.  So, I am off to do a little hooking before I have to start our dinner.  Not part of the menu plan, but when hubby offers (with a lot of prodding) to grill steaks, I don't complain, just accept it.  Thanks for stopping by, come and visit again soon.  Feel free to leave a comment.

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