Monday, January 30, 2012

Cleaning - Organizing

So, I have spent three days cleaning out one room, and am still not done.  I had patterns and yarn in every nook and cranny in the room.  Not to mention all the other craft plunder I am hoarding.  Yes I admit it, I am a hoarder.   I have been watching the new hoarding shows, seems that every network has a version of them, and while I am not quite to the extent that the shows view, I am part hoarder to be sure.

At any rate, I am working to figure out just what I have in the way of craft stash supplies and equipment, and more important just where it all is.  As I said, printed crochet patterns were everywhere.  All stuck in different places, some of course still with the UFO that would turn in to it.  I had one binder that I was putting patterns in. The plan was to simple get the binder organized and then put all the patterns in that binder.  The binder was broken and not nearly large enough.
All categorized and divided up between two large binders, I was set.  Nice job I told myself.  Then, I found some more piles of patterns and ended up having to add two more binders.  At last, I think I have it all together as far as the patterns, except the ones I just printed out this morning.  I found some interesting items while cleaning to be sure.  A sweat jacket (meant for surprise gift for youngest daughter Miss Zebra) and two shirts that were supposed to be sent to the grandsons in Texas.  Such fun, cleaning out over stuffed closets. And I barely got started, can't even really tell I even made a dent.  However, I found I have more yarn than I thought.
I found this cool little contraption at the store.  As you can see, it is meant to hold shoes in the outside pockets  which encircle the layers.  The center is open to one side so you can put hand bags, scarves or such in the center.  I didn't buy it for that purpose though.

I bought it for yarn.  The area for the handbags hold exactly four one pounder skeins, the shoe pockets hold two balls of Peaches & Cream thread or one each of a regular skein.  You can see the way the pockets go around from the bottom photo.  I also found the plastic soft zipper bag that my new comforter set came in, it is stiff enough to stand on its own so that has become the catch all for all the scrap bits and pieces of left over skeins.  I may actually get to a point that I can sit down one evening and work on something.

Now, years ago I was gifted a knitting machine, along with 27 plastic bins (all color coded) of yarn for the machine.  I never really figured it out, and it took up an enormous amount of floor space, then I went to work full time and had not time for any type of crafting.  So, I gifted it to a co-worker's wife, along with most of the yarn.  I did however, keep a few interesting cones because I just really liked the color.  It is a finer thread than you I can just go buy at the store but am told that I can still crochet with it.  I am thinking it will make some great socks, doll clothes or baby items.  They are a bit strange and wonderful member of one of my crochet groups is helping me to figure them out.
The variegated pink in the center back is about the size of a soccer ball or basketball.  The one thing I am really not sure of is how much there is on a cone.  I would hate to almost finished with something I had been working a really long time on just to run out of yarn and know that I cannot get more just like it.  One of the cones is a chenille type, still in the plastic wrap, and it has the yarn stores label on it.
It has gone up in price I am sure, that was about 6 years ago when it was all given to me.  The label states that it is 1100 yards per pound, net weight is a little over one pound.  I googled the the store and they are still open in Anaheim.  However, looking over their website, I would need a lot more information before I would be able to order anything.  Their yarns are in photos of swatches.  Oh well, I will do something with them that is for sure.

Well, the baby is just not sleeping today so better go take care of him.  Thanks for stopping in and please feel free to leave a comment.  Come back and visit again.

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