Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New Crochet - That is Old Project.

In my recent cleaning burst, I found several UFO projects.  For those of you new to crafting or just wondering about the meaning of certain terms, here is a crash course.

UFO - unfinished object

WIP - work in progress

PIGS - projects in grocery sacks

Frogging - ripping out stitches (crochet, quilt, sewing or embroidery - knitting too though I don't knit)

Stash - all the supplies you buy and store away.

Hooking - crocheting (get your mind out of the gutter)

Guess that is about it for now.  If you find something you don't understand, just ask me.

I have made a resolution that I am not starting any new projects until I finish some of these.  In particular there are 6 projects I want to work on finishing.  Two are crochet, two embroidery, one counted cross stitch and one quilt.  All of these are in various stages of completion.  For example the quilt only needs to be basted and quilted, while the counted cross stitch is started just enough to know it is started.

Now, last night I finally finished the John Deere afghan.
I started this project when my first grand son was about 3 or 4, was in a John Deere tractor phase at the time.  I don't know what it is about these colors, I just can't stand to look at them.  No deep dark past abuse or disappointment is associated with the colors, just really can't stand to look at them, at least not all together.

I hate working with black yarn, it is very hard to see the stitches.  Am finding that same problem with a yarn I recently purchased that is a patterned yarn called Peruvian Print made by Red Heart.
The yarn is colored in such a way as to make a pattern as you crochet the project.  I used it in one of the scarf sets I recently crocheted.  I didn't really get the effect in the scarf or hat, but others are making some rather nice projects, especially sweaters.

NOT MY WORK. This was made by the Pam at In Stitches and she has an interesting story about how she accomplished the striping that is supposed to just happen.  After reading through her blog, I don't feel so bad that I couldn't really see the striping or patterned effect.

Okay, so I started a little sweater vest last night for youngest grandson, or maybe to sell.  Will have to see how it turns out first. LOL I am using the Peruvian Print yarn.

On to the next UFO I found.  This has now taken the top of my "to finish" list.  I think I need to try and find one of those tracker things for my blog that shows my progress.
This is a project I thought was a lost cause.  I started this project in the mid 90's.  I put it away when I had to make room for our youngest child, born in 97.  My craft studio at the time needed to be changed in to a bedroom for oldest daughter (15 at the time) so I could turn her bedroom in to a nursery for the youngest daughter (just born). When I found the project again, the pattern was missing.  I kept the WIP, now a PIGS, because I just couldn't bring myself to play frog with all the work I had done and was hoping that some day I would be able to find the pattern online at some point, or at least a similar enough one that I could just finish it as a doily.  Fast forward to 2011.  In turning son's old room (now off to college) into a sewing/craft room I was able to start going through boxes of craft supplies that had been stored since our move in 2000, miraculously came across the pattern book.  I put the two together and here we are.  As I said, this will now move to the top of my "to finish" list.

Here is the up side of old projects.  You find something you thought was lost, and now it is new.

Here is the down side to a project as old as this one.  I have no idea what size hook I used and will never be able to match dye lots.  However, this was started with Ecru crochet thread so will be pretty easy to match as it is a common color and thread.  The pattern book for this project calls for a size 11 hook.  There is no size 11 hook.  Although I have one, stainless steel, and it is very fine in size.  I think I mentioned this before, but I hold my thread so tight that I have to go up about two hook sizes to get the same gauge so after doing a few sample chain stitches am pretty sure I used a size 9, stainless steel, hook.  Will see what happens as I start working on it this evening.  I really hate working with thread, it is so small and delicate and very hard for me to see, but I will bite the big one and slap on my glasses and get it going.  Thankfully, I had the presents of mind to use a small safety pin to hold the stitches in place.  Also, am amazed that I was clear headed enough to mark the pattern with my progress so I know exactly what row is in progress.  This is not the norm for me I assure you.  At any rate, next week hubby will be gone a few days and meal time will be very simple and quick around here so will be able to spend some constructive time hooking.

You may have also noticed there is no menu plan for this week.  That is on purpose.  I have some meals planned, but am waiting to see if I get my oven working or not.  The part arrived last night by UPS so now to see if sweet hubby gets it installed before his trip.  Hopefully, he will work on it tonight and I will just get us some fast food as I won't be able to use stove or get to microwave while he is working on it.

Guess I better finish up here and head to the store.  Need a few things and the grand baby has had a good nap.  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.  Come back to visit soon.

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