Friday, February 3, 2012

Need to Learn More

So, I pulled out some yarn from my stash that I just didn't know what I would do with.  I am using Red Heart Super Saver one pound red, Super Saver 7 oz. Amethyst and the Super Saver Economy Mexicana for my colors.  I am extremely pleased with how they are working up.
Although, the photo makes the purple look more blue, it is really a deep royal purple and the Mexicana is more noticeable in person as well.

You can find the free Red Heart pattern here.

I am going to have to learn more about gauge though, this throw is just not coming out the correct size.  It will make a nice lap size though, as it is only a few inches off in the width and I am not sure at this point how long it will get because my Mexicana yarn is two pieces of scraps so will only grow it until the yarn runs out.  Back to the GAUGE subject though.  I am aware that I crochet very tightly, so normally have to go up two sizes in hooks.  This project suggest a size J hook and I wanted to use my new hook with the bamboo handle (am absolutely LOVING them) so I am giving it a whirl.  The gauge states that 3 rows dc = 2 1/2 inches, point to point = 5 3/4 inches, the throw is 55 x 46 (am guessing this is 46 wide).  My actual measurements match for the point to point, but falls about 2 inches short of the 46 width, and am an inch short on the rows.  How does this happen?  The new hook is helping me crochet looser and more even, but am not sure how to correct the gauge problem.  Of course as I said, it really isn't a problem with this project as it is a throw and what ever size it turns out will be fine.  The main thing is, the design is coming out the way it should, ripples are lining up and all, which is a first for me.  The gauge will be very important when I make a hat or sweater.

I am very slow, frustratingly so, with my crochet.  Only averaging about 3-5 rows per hour.  At that rate, it will be a very long time before I can complete it, but complete it I will.  One of the slow downs is the way the pattern has you make the changes.  I do not like this method one bit.  I may try my normal way of fastening off and joining new color tomorrow.  It is late and I am off to bed for now.

As for meal planning, it is on hold, still no oven and hubby has been out of town this week for work.

Organization and cleaning have come to a halt, very hard to do that around the grand baby so will work on that this week end when I don't have him.  On a positive note, about half the books I listed on Amazon have sold.  I am pleasantly shocked at that.  Now to get this place organized so I can get some items made to put in my Etsy shop.  I will post when I actually get it going well.

Thanks for stopping by and come visit again soon.

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