Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday? Thought it was at least Thurs.

This has been a really long few days.  Hubby got home on Friday and I still don't have a working oven. Making it a little hard to prepare the kind of evening meals I would like to.  I am doing very well on my resolution to cook from the pantry.  I will be buying groceries later in the week, shouldn't be a big buy as I don't need much, am hoping it works out that way any way.

On the crochet front, it is positive that the ripple afghan I am working on will only be a large as the multi colored yarn I am using holds out.  I went to the store to try and buy one more skein only to find out two important points.  One, the yarn is not Mexicana and two, that color combo is no longer made.  It really is a shame, wish I knew the color name, beautiful jewel tones colors. At any rate, I have set it aside to work on at the hospital on Thursday while hubby gets his annual colonoscopy.  All the color changes are based on a color and pattern sequence and the color changes all take place at the beginning and ending of the rows.  No counting stitches in other words.

Unlike the new project I am working on.  I found an afghan pattern on Ravlery.com that is perfect for my oldest little grandson, a huge University of Texas fan.  However, since the color changes form the design of a longhorn I am constantly having to count stitches.

Not sure how I am doing, just can't find a way for the orange not to show on the white at places. But so far it is going according to plan.  I have gone through one skein of the orange, the designer that posted the pattern estimated she used three skeins, so guess I am close to being 1/3 of the way to completion. I was further a long but realized that I was two sets of pattern directions behind.  So...played frog with about 10 full rows.  I have however become quite comfortable with changing yarn colors mid row.  At this point, that is really all I am focusing on, learning basics to further my skill level.  Trying to learn something a little new, at least to me, with each project.

Thanks for stopping by and check back to follow my progress.

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