Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday As Usual

Friday was my birthday.  My 50th birthday. I was having a little trouble...okay, a lot of trouble...with that number.  Thing is, to make it worse I was one two kids short this birthday.  Am use to oldest daughter not being here as she lives in Texas and we don't get to see them much.  However, this is the first year with out youngest son who lives in Riverside now where he attends college.  Now, it wasn't going to well mentally to begin with, but it got a little worse.  Hubby had to have his annual colonoscopy, it was done on Thursday.  Now normally he goes in early in the morning, sleeps a few hours afterwards and is back to normal.  This time...he has been sick as a dog ever since.  It wasn't until Sunday he was actually being able to eat, and keep it down, Friday being the worst of it.  Needless to say, I did not get to go out for my birthday.  It was a really drab day.

On to other things.  I am still don't have an oven, so am winging it as far as the menu plans.  It turned cold today and rainy so I have a nice taco soup simmering in the crock pot.  It smells really good through the whole house and hopefully when hubby gets home today he might can light the stove in the RV and I can bake a pan of cornbread to go with the stew.  If not, we have crackers. LOL  I guess I really should just sit down and plan some menus for the crock pot or stove top.

I am still in hooker mode. Crocheting a little each night.  Lord it takes me along time to crochet a project. I am actually making some head way with the UT afghan.
I am about half way there, maybe a little more. I am learning to make color changes in the middle of rows. Not really liking it though. If there wasn't such a contrast between the two colors I could carry one color along while working the changes.  I did try it and just didn't like the way it looked.  I plan on making another one, with a couple of changes, and may try carrying two yarns on that one.

You can find the UT pattern by Jenny Riddle on Ravelry.  I just love that place.

Now, for a yarn question.
If anyone reads this and knows what the name of the color for this Red Heart yarn is, please...please, please,please...let me know.  This is all I have left of this multicolored yarn and I have lost the wrapper that had the color name on it.  I am not finding a name for it. It is in my Playful Ripples afghan.  I thought it was a color named Mexacali, but it is not.  This partial skein is all I have so if I can't find any more, it will be a small afghan. Which is workable, but the problem is I am kind of falling for the color combo and that means it may be one I end up having to keep for myself. LOL

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