Monday, August 13, 2012

So Many Changes, Where To Start?

So, here it is Monday, August already, and I am still in the middle of a huge, overwhelming mess. 

Mom has passed away, have had her memorial.  We took her ashes back to Texas and buried her next to my dad.  It has been a really busy time, lots of details to attend to, but I feel that I am actually handling it all pretty well.  Still going through her things, seeing what can be sold and what can go to charity.  While the room was empty, replaced the carpet and am now anxious to get started setting the room back up as a craft/sewing/room/studio.  Have really got to come up with a shorter name for the place.  Still working through the financial details with her bills and such along with trying to figure out what the financial outlook is for my part of mom's holdings.  It is splint 50/50 between my brother and I.

I had wanted to buy us a larger house.  Bigger kitchen, bigger living area, extra bedroom.  But, that just isn't possible at the moment.  For one, just can't get to enough cash with out paying huge amount to IRS, the other problem is that they just aren't out there to be found.  At least not in a neighborhood we would be comfortable in. So, after going through all the options, we have decided to do some remodeling on the house.  Guess it is the best compromise, will have to be.  I am ready to get going on the projects though.

School will be starting up again soon as well, so am hoping to have some kind of organized plan in the works by Labor Day.  Oldest daughter will be starting her junior year in high school. You know, as far as menu planning, organization, cleaning, baby schedule (grand son). It is kind of a new role, being a stay at home mom with a baby again.  Granted it is only a few hours during the week days, but it is still an adjustment.  I had just gotten in to the groove, so to speak, of having a little one around again when all the chaos of dealing with mom and her health broke out.  Now I am ready to just get the house in order and get settled in to a routine so I can actually start sewing, crocheting, writing, general crafting as time permits around the obvious demands of a one year old.

Thanks for dropping in, have got to get back to some things around the house.  We have had a stream of visitors, which means day trips to various attractions, and am ready to get over that.  I am really ready for some quiet time. 

Check back often and visit as I hope to get back to updating this blog a little more.

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