Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Playing again.

Last night I played again with my roto slicer.  It is just too cool.  This time, I had potatoes, and used the thicker slice drum.  I need more practice on feeding the food through, but the curve is fun so don't mind.  I made homemade potato chips.
They were awesome.  I couldn't believe the family ate them up so quickly, actually came back looking for more.  I think I could have made two batches. Now I have a new request.  Miss Zebra wants me to figure out how to make vinegar & salt chips.  I do think however that maybe I need to use the thinner slicer until I figure out how to run the food through.  Some of the slices that came out correctly were really good.  However, some of the slices that came out paper thin on one end, thicker on the other, came out acceptable, but the thinner part was pretty crisp, more like a store bought potato chip.  I wonder how the thinner crispy ones would taste the next day?

Oh, and before I forget,  I bought a new deep fryer yesterday as well.
It is awesome.

I have a Waring Pro that the kids gave me for birthday.  It is still working wonderfully well, but I happened to see this Presto brand in Walmart and saw how big the fryer basket was.  I can hold quite a bit more than the old one so I bought it.  I made the homemade potato chips in it.  It claims to be cool touch, but is not.  In fact, it gets so hot I believe it could easily burn a person by touching it. The cord attaches nicely though.  I don't know why all these fryers have to have magnetic type attachments for the cord.

That's it for today.

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