Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Backing Up A Bit

Thought I would back up a bit and tell the story of the Lilies in my flower bed.  Be prepared to get amazed.

We have lived in this house for 12 years now, never planting anything in the front flower bed.  Well, some shrubs that died out and a palm tree that hasn't.  At any rate, never any flowers of any kind.  My husband had mowed and trimmed the yard on a Friday evening, all was the same as all the other days.  The following morning, in the early hours, my mom passed away.  That afternoon, a large stalk or stem appeared in the flower bed.  When I say appeared, and large, I mean that a 15-16 inch single stem appeared out of no where in the flower bed. No leaves, on a single stem with a single bud on it.  Exactly one week later, the bud had opened and I was so surprised to find not one, but four lilies.  Three of which were open, the fourth opened on the following Tuesday.  That was the day that my oldest daughter arrived for a visit.  She had lilies in her wedding which mom and I had just been talking about not a week before she passed.  She also talked about the lilies that my daughter would send her for special occasions.  Now, I have four children, three of whom lived in town, and the fourth opening the day my fourth child, the oldest arrived.  Now, those flowers withered and were replaced by five new ones, same single stem.

Mom had 5 sisters and lived with us for five weeks before she passed. The lily is often a symbol of motherhood.  Mom was raised by her sisters.
Now, another note to this little story.

When we held my mom's service, I had remembered at the last minute that I needed a little bud vase to sit next to the guest book.  I popped in to a local flower shop to get what ever she had on hand.  She had the same lilies in her shop, I told her the story, she told me that the story was amazing because that particular type of lily comes from a bulb that has to be planted at least a year or so before it blooms and it rarely has more than one bloom per stem.
So, I do believe she was letting me know that she was thankful to have her last few days here with me and my family, and that now she was with her family once again, and that she was at peace.

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