Monday, August 27, 2012

Pasta Lesson

So, I tried my hand at pasta making this evening.  I used the hand crank model roller and cutter that I have had tucked in to a closet or cupboard for literally years. Could kick myself for being able to remember where I stuck the owner's manual so I wouldn't loose it.
I put the noodles in to little mounds of nest, as was suggested in several web sights I searched.  Well, if you have had any experience in pasta making, they stuck together making heavy little nested clumps.  The flavor was pretty good, especially the noodles that were separated, but in the end was over all disappointed that I had put that much effort in to something that just didn't work.  I also have determined, due to my little exercise in pasta making, that if I am going to do much more of this, I will getting an electric style maker.

Proud of myself for figuring out the the roller and cutters.  I learned a lot of valuable lessons from doing this, that I am sure I will be making more batches in the future.  If nothing else, I will at least get some what proficient in the rolling of the dough and cutting the dough before this is all over.  My dough on the other hand was pretty awesome. I do need to change up my ratio of flour to egg, but I have the technique part of it down.

Will post more of my adventures as they come.  Thanks for stopping by.

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