Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday - Hump Day

Just stopping in to show what I have been doing.  I have been busy hooking again, just in the evenings when I don't do anything but be lazy.

This week, I have been working on my swaps.  Have them all finished, accept for two any way.  One isn't due until April, the other one I just remembered.

Oh well, here goes.
This is another of the beaded scarf using Smooth Fox's pattern posted on Ravelry.  Funny story here.  My February 26 post showed the first one that I did.  It was in softer colors.  At any rate, I had made the first one for a swap on a Yahoo group.  I mailed it off, proud of myself for getting all my swaps mailed by the dead line.  Over the week end, I discovered that I mailed it to P.R. - my swap partner, but some how had a major brain fart and while I used her name I used some one else's address.  Naturally, I emailed all the parties to explain.  The email addy for the member that it was mistakenly mailed to came back as no good, she has not contacted me to let me know she received it, as yet has not returned it either.  So, I used some brighter color, Red Heart Super Saver Primary, with brighter colored beads and whipped out a new one.  This time instead of using a repeating pattern one of each color I used pairs so that the two side by side are the same color.  I love the way it turned out.  So now that my Feb. swaps are all completed, I went on to my March swaps.

For March, here is what I have been able to get completed this week.
Dish cloth.  This is a pattern that one of those "daily free patterns" so only available online that one day, I printed it off to save.  It is a simple waffle stitch variation.
This is the front of a pot holder.  You can find the link for this pattern by heading to my Ravelry page.  I added the spokes when I attached the front to the back.
This is the back.  The spoke or ribbing isn't on the back, wanted it to lay flat.  I changed the color order for the front and back as well.
This is a scarf that is about 5 inches wide.  I think it is actually supposed to be wider...I crochet tight so things some times (okay, most of the time) come out a bit smaller (significantly smaller) but with most of what I make the size doesn't really matter much.
This is the skinny scarf, 3 inches wide. Which came out 2 inches wide with an extra row of shells added.  Not that you can tell by the photo, but the yarn is a dark green color.  It was fun to make because it is just a repeat of a stitch pattern the long length of the scarf.  Don't have to think about it too much, which is a good thing for me.

I received my new books today.  Both crochet books.  One is titled 200 Crochet Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans. It has step by step directions for 200 crochet blocks, a little more if you count a few variations given as well.  Now I can just look at the book and pick out a block to make.  Good thing is, each is coded for the level of difficulty.  This week I play to go buy some nice beige and brown yarns and will practice making each block and put them together for an afghan for a Christmas gift.  The draw back is that each block is designed to be 6 inches, so will have to see what size mine actually turn out.  I prefer to work with 8 or 12 inch blocks, so this will be interesting.  The second book is titled The Crochet Bible. It looks to be a great reference book for all questions about crochet and has a lot of step by step instructions for the different stitches.  Also has some really nice looking patterns along with tips on crochet hooks, yarns, different techniques and such.  Will see if I am able to use them.

Well guess I best get going, little Mr. M will be waking up soon and I need a little snack and potty break before I have to get him.  Thanks for stopping in.

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