Monday, March 26, 2012

Great Package

So, recently I came across information for a site that sells mill ends of yarn.  This is the end of the mill runs when yarn is being produced.  I have bought fabric for quilting this way, very satisfied with it, but never yarn.
I received my first order today.  A small one, just to see how the process works and what yarn I would get.

The plus side of buying this way, the price is greatly reduced.  I mean like less than a dollar a skein, including the shipping.

The down side to this, you get what you get.  No choice as far as color choice.

This will be a great way to purchase yarn for charity projects.  The lady did a great job of coordinating the colors though.  I received two nice variegated colors - pink camo and bonbon - and a solid pink to match them.  Also a pastel variegated - calliope I think (baby colors) - and a nice light yellow to match up.  I also ordered a bit of cotton thread as well.  I have never used this type of yarn before - or should say size of yarn - it is a #8.  Kind of nice, the package came with a vest pattern - like a kit.

I will definitely be purchasing from there again, later in the year, and larger order.  By the fall I will have a lot of my stash worked down and the mill ends will be great for crocheting some charity projects or maybe some items to put in my Etsy shop.

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