Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Post 2012

Well, this is the last post of 2012.  It is not quite midnight here in the Pacific Time Zone.  We just rolled in from our trip to Texas to visit family.  It was a nice trip but too short.  So, just playing a little catch up since I am seeing the year in by myself.  Hubby has been driving since about 1 AM this morning, we got in about 8:30 PM or so.  Unloaded the car.  Haven't put it all up yet.   Hubby took a shower and hit the bed.  Son, Mr. College, that is spending the Christmas break with us, slept all the way home, brought his stuff in, showered and headed over to his girlfriend's house.  She had some minor surgery done today.  Daughter, Miss Zebra, has gone to a friend's house for the night.

On the trip...I did a little shopping.  Here goes.
I cleaned out the clearance bin at Hobby Lobby, plus a couple that weren't on clearance, but had coupons for them.  I am planning on using these counted cross stitch kits for the Crazy January challenge.  Will be posting a lot more about that in January.
I bought some more purples for the "heart" quilt.  Plus one pasta novelty for me.
Also, some Texas fabric.  The UT fabric will be a quilt for my brother.  I plan to try out my AccuQuilt Go cutter with the tumbler die for this quilt. Not sure what I will do with the Tech fabric yet.  Also got extra UT fabric to make some pillow cases for grandson, Mr. T, or maybe some pajama pants. More about the quilt projects will be coming in January as well. I am challenging myself to make a couple of finished quilts each month.  Am also doing a crazy quilt journal challenge as well, which is only one block a month.  That will be easy.  In fact, for January, I need to make some "naked" blocks to embellish for a swap I am doing.
I also got this stocking kit, it was on clearance.  Not as discounted as I would like, but it is cute so got it to make for next year.  This is part of another challenge I joined, Christmas one, the goal of the group is to make one ornament a month instead of waiting until the end of the year to make them all.  I figure I can complete one ornament a month, but will adding in my stocking projects as well, I consider the stocking and ornament. I plan on eventually making each grand son one.  Maybe will be able to make one for a grand daughter, we don't know what is on the way yet. Just praying that this pregnancy goes well and both mother and child is healthy.

We went to a really neat antique store, more like a mall, each booth is a different seller.  This little glass tooth pick holder I bought for my oldest daughter.  She collects blue glass.

Bought this limited edition signed print portraying Texas.  It listed in the booth for $35, I looked up the artist and while she still has prints for sale, they are selling for $69 unframed.  The photo doesn't do it justice.  The glare plays with the colors, the frame is wood, not painted green as it looks and the mat is dark blue.  The print has a lot of blues in it which is my favorite color, and since we are from Texas, well just couldn't pass it up.
This unusually shaped shadow box was a real find as well.  I have needed to find a new one to replace the one ruined in the washing machine flood incident.  I can't wait to get it hung on the wall and load it up. Just don't know where I will hang it.
Last but not least, is this beautiful native American squash blossom sterling silver and turquoise necklace.  I have no idea how to determine it's value, but after looking at several over the last few years I felt like I got a real bargain.  It needs a little polish, but is just the right length, is not so heavy or chunky as most I see.  I just love it.

I also bought a new purse, but didn't get a photo of it yet. It's awesome.

Well, time for me to go enjoy my bath tub for a much needed soak.  I have a lot of work to do tomorrow.  We have to unpack, then hubby and kids will repack for colder weather and load up and go to Mammoth to snow ski for a few days.  I intend to get a lot of work done while they are gone around here.  Will post my progress, hopefully.  I need to do some deep cleaning, put up all the Christmas, start up my menu planning once again as well as get some organizing of my life and home done.  Wish me luck.

Out with 2012, thankfully I survived it.  In with 2013, prayerfully awaiting a better year.

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon.



  1. You bought alot of great stuff on your trip Dianna. Love all the new kits. Looking forward to seeing progress on them. I didn't realize that you live in Bakersfield. I am in Jackson, about 40 miles east of Stockton. Good luck.

    Happy New Year

  2. Love the stash! Really love the Squash Blossom Necklace. Someday I hope to own one myself. Just looking at this one, I would venture to say that it is worth a mimimum of $795 to $1000. Do you know more about it? Who made it? What tribe they belonged to? That can figure into the value also. I love Native American jewelry! Great find! Good luck with your goals while the family is gone. Happy New Year!!