Thursday, September 13, 2012

Strange Days

It has really been some strange days around here.  I have been getting quite a bit done, the proof is in the collection of empty boxes I know have in my drive way.  One more large box to unpack and I think my little Diva Den will be back to normal.  I have found that things are not quite flowing the way I had hoped, but I will work on that.  Mainly, I just really need to figure out a way to get some little table or empty shelf by my chair that I can set a drink on and then find some way to keep up with the TV controllers.

Other than that, Miss Zebra has decided to bring home strep throat.  Had her at the doctor Tuesday.  And, now that she has her driver's permit, is driving me crazy with always wanting to drive me every where.  Of course we won't mention that she drove her dad to the drug store and almost drove through the wall of the store.  No...we won't mention that.

So, I haven't stayed on the menu plan very well this week, but except for Monday I have cooked at home each day.  I know, this is only Thursday.  But, it is a good, super duper job, for me.  The only reason I didn't cook Monday was because I was feeling bad, daughter (Miss Zebra) was home sick all day, had the grand son, was unpacking boxes, and the neighborhood Little Caesar's (as in literally 6 blocks from the house) was running a customer appreciation sale and was able to get the pizza for $3.99 each.  I can't make one for that.

I had planned to get back on my plan today. That would be the brisket, but I made that yesterday.  Only because I had not planned well and the meat had been thawed already. That is why my Monday meal was moved to Tuesday, the meat was thawed.  I have no idea why I planned Chicken scampi, well, probably to use my new pasta maker again.  At any rate, Thursday's brisket was made on Wednesday.  Now, I could just move everything up a day and make the ham and scalloped potatoes today, or go back and pick up either the chicken scampi or just make the egg rolls today.  However, Miss Zebra and I both have been craving enchiladas lately and since it is a tad bit cooler today, if high 90's is cool, I decided that will be our meal for this evening.  I have already checked the pantry and have everything I need, just need to buy some more cheese, which I have to get anyway no matter what I make.  Now, this week end it is supposed to be back in the 100's so will also be buying a new crock pot today.  Mine is cooking way to hot and am afraid it will burn the house down or something.

So, it is time to go pick up Mister, thankfully he is very good in the store.  Thanks for stopping by.

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