Thursday, September 20, 2012

One of Those Days

Do you ever have one of those days?  You know, you have planned all week for this day to get here because you have a list of things to get done.  The grand son, Mister, is visiting the other grand parents today so you have the house to your self.  Miss Zebra has an early dismissal today, she will be able to help you with the recycle things. I have a list of things to bake ahead, a list of things to get together for the up coming camping trip.  Then the morning gets here...just don't want to do crap.

I have been trying to come down with something.  Not sure if it is a summer cold, allergies, or just a flu bug but it is to the point that I would almost rather go down and get it over with than the day after day up and down of feeling good and feeling bad.  Guess I will just keep carrying my tissue box around from room to room.  Also, I have come to the conclusion that I am obsessing over the little things a little too much.  Mainly,  it is driving me crazy trying to figure out what I am going to do with a cat for two days while we go on a camping trip.

I REALLY need this camping trip.  I need to get away. I should be looking forward to it.  Instead, I am worrying about what to do with a cat...a kitten actually.  Hubby, smart as he thinks he is, suggested just letting the kitten have free run of the house.  In my mind automatically flashes images of the cat hopping up on the hutch and all the antique dishes from my mom being turned in to pieces best cleaned up and used for some mosaic craft project.  The other little nagging item in my head is the fact that I need to work on cleaning our bedroom up, catching up on laundry, mopping floors, dusting and so forth.

Daughter's kitten.  Angel

Son's visiting cat.  Boogey
Boogey has issues.  Lots of issues.  He is a really weird cat.  Nice to be around, loves to be petted and such.  Just really afraid of many, many things.  He is living in our bathroom until our son, Mr. College, goes back to school this week end.  In fact, he lives in a cabinet in the bathroom.  Let me tell you, it is a really weird feeling to be reading while sitting on the toilet and suddenly have some furry tail rub around you thighs and always flick at a really intimate junction of the body.  Enough said I think.  Also freaks me out a bit when he pops his head up beside the bathtub, between the tub and shower curtain, to say hello.  He is a rather vocal cat on to other topics.

This is the MOST AMAZING pastry.  It is some type of pastry that has an almond cream filling and baked with almonds on top. I buy them at the farmer's market from a vendor that comes over from LA.  I was trying to be all cool and ask her what it was called...thinking I would be able to Google it and find a recipe.  She told me it was called and Elfroy.  Thinking I was so clever, got home, brought up Google and found Elfroy.  Elfroy is the brand name of the cream filling.  Found tons of links for places to buy the stuff.  Great information to have, if I wanted to buy it for my bakery or restaurant, if I had one.  However, the pastry part is what I was really interested in.  I just cannot figure out what the dough is.  It is not really sweet or yeasty like a sweet roll.  It is flaky, buttery, like a croissant, but not crusty like a baked croissant.  Guess I still have a little research and trial and error cooking yet to go.

Well, Momma always said that getting your done made a person feel better.  Think I will just go see about that.  I think I will go get my hair fixed, pick up some dog food, then go to Golden Corral for an early lunch.  They make liver and onions week days.  I do love liver.

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  1. Boogey the Bathroom Cat. Every bathroom ought to have it's own cat! So sweet. And shocking to the humans.