Crazy January 2013 Challenge


This is the page for all the progress for the Crazy January 2013 challenge.  I joined this Yahoo group and am looking forward to this craziness. Here's how it works.

This is a counted cross stitch challenge by the way.

Next year the group will be offering 3 challenges and they are:

This is copied from the group home page.
1) Crazy January Challenge 2013=CJC2013. This will be the basic thing, you make
one new start every day between 1st-15th of January and try to finish them in
that year.

2) Ultimate Crazy January Challenge 2013=UCJC2013. Basically same thing than
first one, but instead of 15 new starts, you will be starting new project every
day in January!

and last but not least

3) WIP CJC because I know some of you are even worst than me and have lots of
WIPs, UFOs and what else? This mean that you are picking your unfinished
projects and continue stitching them and have 15 finished projects in December
31th 2013!

I am doing the first challenge for sure. 

May be over enthusiastic and join the second one as well. Although, that may mean having to buy more patterns and kits.  That would go against my Stash Diet for cross stitch though.

Challenge three will come in to play if I am actually able to complete any of these.

I have already made a list of projects for cross stitching, unfinished as well as ones I want to make for the coming year.  We will see.  I need to get list together for my quilting and crazy quilting projects as challenges as well.

JANUARY 3, 2013

So...for this challenge I needed a list of 31 projects to start.  As per challenge, a new start each day. Man I was all ready for this one.  Here is the list I made.

1. Angels
2. Around the Pointe
3. Birdcage
4. Bless Our Family
5. Bless the Animals
6. Blooming Poppies
7. Celtic Angel
8. Christmas Alphabet Sampler
9. Christmas Pageant Stocking
10. Christmas Village Ornaments
11. Cove Antiques
12. Dreaming of Tuscany
13. Fabric Diva
14. Favorite Hat
15. Footprints
16. Light At Sea
17. Lovely Victorian Home
18. Mother's Prayer
19. Native Maiden
20. Nature Wolf
21. Old Country Store
22. Santa's Journey Stocking
23. The Lord Is My Shepherd
24. There is a Season
25. Through The Years
26. Time To Play
27. Willow Ware
28. Wonderful Tonight
29. Open
30. Open
31. Open

I left the last three days open because I may be doing a cross stitch project dealing with quilt blocks.  I also had not decided which of my other kits I might want to open up or make from charts.

Day 1: Blooming Poppies

I worked on this for the better part of four hours and this all I got done.  About 55 stiches. That is not much and as you can see, it is not a large project.

Day 2: Lovely Victorian House

I didn't get very far with this one either.  However, this at one time was a UFO, or unfinished project. If you are curious about the whole sorted little tale, you can click here to pop over to the post about this project.  Let's just say, the original project was started in the hotel room when we first moved to this town in August of 2000.  I worked on for the few weeks we had to stay in the hotel until we could move in to our house.  Then, it just got packed away for a later time.  Much later time.  I didn't really get very far with it, but after being put up for years I pulled it out and thought I would finish it.  Problem was, kept finding parts I had done that were rows and spaces off of where they should be.  One part had rows that had actually been left out, which would have made for a very odd looking house.  Long story short, I decided to scrap it and start over.  I have learned much about gridding and frames and such.

Now it is a new project, not yet a UFO as I have not put it away, but a WIP (work in progress).  It may not look like a lot yet, but what is there is my foundation for all the other stitches.  They are in the correct spaces, correct rows.  No more roaming all about the cloth working one color at a time.  I have also discovered that I really suck at parking the threads so am not doing any of that either.  They just kept getting tangled up.

Day 3: Nothing

I have come to the conclusion that I am not going to be able to play with this challenge.  I am quitting it before it gets going too far.  I fully admire the others in the challenge, but am realistic enough to admit defeat. Here are my reasons.

1. I stitch way to slow to keep up with the work.  Oh, I realize that setting the project up, a new start, is taking a lot of the time in the beginning.  I mean, you have to mark the center of the fabric, then I have to mark some gridding, it is the only way I can tell where I am at.

2. It will drive me absolutely insane...okay, maybe not insane but it sure will bug the living crap out of have 31 one projects going at the same time.  Yes, there was a shorter challenge, half the month where you do new starts for 15 days.  It will still be the same, for the way my mind works, I will have various stages...projects.  I have no idea where or how I would store them, but I guess the border line OCD would just take over and that would literally make me buggy. 

Well, that is how it's rolling.

Jan. 17

On or about the third day of January I gave in and quit this challenge.  It became very clear that I would not be able to handle so many on going projects at one time.  I admire those doing the challenge and will be there to root them on in their endeavors.  I know have three WIP (works in progress) because I started this thing, am going to only work on them.

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