Saturday, October 18, 2014


My word it has been forever since I posted to my blogs.  Why, you ask?  It just gets in the way some times.  So, not going to bog you down with huge amounts of details but will give a brief run down on what has been happening.

Youngest son, Mr. G, graduated from college and moved back home.  That was in March.  That meant I had to once again pack up my sewing room/sanctuary so that he could have the room.  I am glad that he is able to come home, am glad he has already found a job, but am really missing my little place to go to get away from everyone.

Youngest daughter, Mz Zebra, has graduated from high school, showed her lamb in the fair, started college and working part time.  WOW, did all that blow our schedule apart.

I am still keeping the two grand babies, ages 3 and 1, although my oldest son, their dad, recently was fired and so he is keeping them a bit more.  Am hoping to use this time to purge some things from the house and storage units, while I can go through things with them under foot.  I have been ill for several weeks, but am on the mend now and am enjoying this cooler weather so hoping next week will be very productive.  I also need to clean out my freezers again and am going to do some freezer sessions.  It is extremely hard for me to switch from cooking for a family to cooking just for two, so am going to do some freezer meals and also send some over to son's house to help a bit while he is out of work.  More details on the stove front, so to speak, on the cooking page.

I noticed that I was in such a depressed funk that I have become determined to change things up around here.  I miss my sewing terribly, so I ended up pulling out some crocheting and one thing just led to another so my hook is going big time these days.  With in the next few weeks, hoping to clean out my bedroom enough to make a little craft/computer corner like I had when all the kids were living at home.  It mainly just means a little manual labor on my part, some lifestyle changes on everyone's part, and it will all settle down once again.  Here are my immediate goals, in no particular order.

Clean out and purge bedroom...establish craft/computer corner.
Clean out and purge freezers.
Clean out and purge storage closet, laundry room.
Clean out and purge storage unit.
Create control journal for running the house. (cleaning list, inventory, menu plans and such.

We are headed up the mountain to visit friends this evening, should be great fun.  Will work on updating blogs and adding some photos this week as well.

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