Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Busy Bee I Am

Busy as a bee I have been.  I have gotten all the fabric from storage shed and storage unit all refolded to match the shelf size and organized by color, cottons and flannels.  I found so many lost projects that I will not have to start any thing new for a year or more.  Of course I will, but just saying. It sure feels good to have it all where I can get to it and use it.

Now, to update things.  I have received some of my quilt book purchases.  One book in particular I am extremely well pleased with.  It has 101 patterns to use with rotary cutting, I have put sticky tabs on about half of them to make in the future.  I also received my calendars form Piecemakers.  I can tell I may have bitten off a bit more than I can chew with them, but I just love them and of course it is not so overwhelming when you look at it being a block each month.

My PC Stitch arrived and is loaded on the computer.  Will have to work a bit to figure that one out, but I will.  For the moment, I have a half dozen counted cross stitch projects in various stages of completion, none of which are really very far along actually.  Also have about five or so cross stitch kits as well.  I have quickly come to the conclusion that I need a lap frame, or hands free I think it is called.  I would get the floor model, but feel it would be make me have to lean up or such and make my back hurt.  I also need to head to Jo-Ann's or Michael's and buy a couple of more hoop frames.  Yesterday, I was actually able to sit and stitch once again and choose my Victorian house kit to work on.
I worked a few hours, over a hundred stitches.  Yes I know I am slow.  At any rate, after finishing a good little section I realized I used the wrong color thread.  Thought about leaving it, just changing from that point on to the correct color, but in the end decided to do it right and play frog and stitching in the correct color, so went to bed at 2 am thinking I just wasted the whole evening. Today, while Mister M was sleeping, I was able to get back to the point I was at before ripping out, and added a good amount more. I must in all honesty admit, it makes a dramatic difference in the look of the project.  It doesn't seem like much more has been added since this photo was taken, but I know it has.  I even found a small section that I had done back when I started and that was about 2 rows off in one direction that I decided to rip and do over to get those stitches where they belonged.  Something like that could throw off the whole design, and I just couldn't figure out a way to correct it other wise.  I am well pleased with what I did do.  I would have kept going a little longer tonight, but I am rubbing my stitching arm raw moving it from front to back of the frame and my free hand is holding the frame, my wrist is going out with it.  That is why I am getting the hands free frame.  I do have a project on a scroll frame that I have not started a single stitch on as yet, and am thinking I will put it up for a while and then transfer the house project over to it.

I received my AccuQuilt Go and finally able to play with it a bit.  Took it to the quilt meeting last week and used it to cut 6-1/2 inch squares.  There is a bit of learning curb with that thing, but I do like it so far.  In fact, will be placing an order soon for some more dies, shapes actually.  I will be using it a lot though, I can already see. Just need to figure out how to place my fabric so the print or design of the fabric is cut straighter.  My stripes are running a bit wonky on some.

I have also bought a new table and rocker for the sewing room.  I was using a card table, which worked fine, just a little too big for the space.  I went cheap and bought a plastic folding table, it is a rectangle and working so much better.  I will be moving the recliner out to the garage tomorrow and bringing in my new one before I go get Mister M.  I am also working on storage options as I want to get rid of a set of dresser drawers that I have full in this sewing room.  A lot of the stuff can go to storage, some can go to Goodwill.  I have a little chest and mirror that was mom's that I want to bring in to replace it.  Much smaller, more compact.  Speaking of the craft room, I will go looking for some fabric some time this week to make the long curtains that will close off the closet instead of doors.  Plan on getting a little extra to make a little window treatment for in here as well.

I will post photos of the sewing room when I get it all finished. Now, I am going to take a bath and get some sleep.  I hurt my foot, twice, same foot, in two days time and I am going to soak it before I hit the bed.  Thanks for stopping in and come back soon.

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  1. Just an FYI -- If you find yourself running short of floss due to frogging, you can contact Dimensions for more. There's also a color conversion chart to DMC, but the colors might be a bit off. You could probably blend them with the kit color and it would be fine, though.