Sunday, August 18, 2013

School Time Again.

OMG! Where the heck did the summer go.  We still have the heat, so know it was here...still here for many weeks to come actually.  School starts tomorrow for my youngest daughter Miss Zebra.
She starts the first day of her last year in school.  Well, public school anyway.  She is now officially a senior high student.  She plans to attend a local college and become a neonatal nurse.

I have been cleaning like crazy and not feeling like I am getting anywhere.  But, I have swept the living room, dining room and kitchen, along with hall.  I will mop it all later this evening when there is less traffic running through.  I also cleaned up my kitchen.

This past week, I once again was keeping my grand son.  Man did I miss that little guy while his mom was on maternity leave, and while we were on vacation, and while they were on vacation. I know, terrible run on sentence. I was also lucky enough to keep the baby girl two days this last week as well.  WOW! what a learning experience.  I never had two little ones together, spaced my bunch out a bit more.  Any way was glad that Miss Zebra was home to help out.  I am doing a little shuffling with the furniture in the rooms so am hoping that will help make things a little easier for me on the days I have both the little ones.  Part of the...awkwardness...of the flow of the house now is that youngest son, Mr. College, and his cat are staying with us until his school starts back up.  He will be here until later part of September.

Now that baby is here, vacation is done, I hope that hubby comes through and we actually get to start on the kitchen remodel.

This is the before photo.  I know it looks fine, but it really does not flow well.  And...while it looks like it has a lot of storage, the majority of the cabinets are too small to hold much. 

I have got to work hard on my sewing room this week, am putting a twin bed in it for Mr. College to sleep on while he is here.  I first thought that I would just put it in storage when he went back to school but after thinking about it, have decided that I will leave it for the grandbabies to nap on.  And...if hubby's snoring keeps up, may just sleep there myself. LOL

Oh you know I couldn't resist recent photos of my grands.

These two are my oldest daughter's two sons, they live in West Texas.
 This is oldest grand son, Mr. T.  He is ten, likes baseball and ice cream. He came to visit for a few weeks, went on vacation with us as well.
This is Mr. T's little brother, Mr. W.  He is three and likes dinosaurs, cheeseburgers, queso and baseball.

These two are my oldest son's two children.  They live here in the same town as we do and I am fortunate enough to be able to care for them during the week day while their parents work.
 This is Mr. M.  He is two and loves little animals, big animals, any stuffed animal.  Can't find anything that he really likes to eat though, very hard to feed him.  He loves his new sister though, very gentle and loving with her.
And, last but by no means least, this is Miss C.  One month old in this photo.  Not sure what she will like, but so far she loves to eat and be held.  A little spoiled to being held actually, but I will work around it.  How can you not hold a new baby?  LOL

Well, I am off to do a little more cleaning and then try to sit down and work on the menu plans.  Thanks for stopping by and please feel free to leave a comment, I like knowing if any one actually pops in.

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  1. Good to hear from you Dianna - I'd been thinking lately that I had not seen a new blog post and wondering how you've been. You've had your hands full! Good luck with the kitchen remodel!