Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I wrote this post, then forgot to publish it, so here it is.

Since Mr. M is finally taking a nap, I decided to take advantage and catch my blogs up.  Here is the whole thing in a short nutshell.

I finally got the pantry cleaned up, still need to clean out the main freezer and inventory it.  I am even more determined to get organized and back in to menu planning.  Will probably have to make more effort to post to my HOUSE blog dedicated to cooking, meal planning and such. In all honesty, I had totally forgotten I already had the blog established until I was looking at the main one to see how I linked the others up.  I am so totally full of good intentions and so totally end up in total failure.  I just can't stand a scattered blog so have to compartmentalize it all.  Yeah, I know, I am nuts.  It runs in the family though.  I have however been doing more cooking from the pantry, simple cooking but from scratch.  Hubby is sure happy with it.   I have been doing really well on staying on budget for the most part.  That is about to be tweaked up even more.  More about that when I post to my food blog.  I am pleased that I have hit some rather good sales lately at a local market, their mark downs due to date to expire soon, and have filled my freezer.  If I have planned correctly, I have all the meat I need to make menu plans and meals until about the middle of July.  We will be getting ready for vacation about then, so I will be buying as we need.  I will do a major buy when we get back from vacation and settled in.  More about those plans when I post to the food blog as well.  Needless to say, there will be a lot of menu planning, a lot of cooking ahead or freezer cooking to try and get myself a little more organized for after Miss C arrives.  Once she is born and daughter-in-law is done with her maternity leave, I will be daycare for a toddler and a newborn.  I am not going back to eating out so often (mainly I grab drive thru for lunch), buying processed dishes at the store, so I plan to stock the freezer with ready made meals or the components to throw together quick meals after the kids are picked up.

On the home business front, I didn't plan it well as far as timing, but am now a Pampered Chef consultant.  I don't have any friends that want to host a party, don't have room in my home to host any shows, so am not really sure how this will work out, but am giving it at least until the end of the year.

Sunday I am taking my first class to learn how to operate my new sewing machine.  It has been in layaway, the plan was to leave it there until about September.  I have determined however, it is really rather stupid not to have it home where I can use it.  After all, the reason I invested in the machine in the first place was to make my life, at least the sewing aspect of it, easier and faster.  With every thing going on all summer, I really do need it here where I can actually use it.  Still on the to do list for fall though is learning how to use my software programs, EQ7 and EQ Stitch, to get the most out of that investment as well.

Thanks for stopping by and come visit often.

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