Monday, April 8, 2013

Big News!

NO...we aren't adding to the least I am not.  We do have a grand daughter due to arrive in July.  My oldest son's second child.

I just signed up to become a Pampered Chef consultant.  I love their products, love their recipes, so felt it was a good fit for me.  I am not really a salesman type person, nor am I comfortable speaking in front of groups.  Will see how this works out.  I figure though, if nothing else I will be able to outfit my new kitchen with all the great gadgets I want at a discount, since I will be using the kitchen for demonstrations may even be able to write some of it off the income tax as business deductions.  That would be sweet.  At least what I buy, my kit and books, gas to demonstrations, can be deducted.  AND...I know how to cook, can have some fun learning to cook healthier as a bonus.

When it is all set up, I will share the link to my  Pampered Chef page.  You can order items through me.

Until then, I am off to catch up on some other things.  Plan out the week's meals.  Make a grocery list.  You know, all the normal junk.  Also, tonight I will be working on my mom's taxes.  They are not really hard, and since she passed away in the middle of the year she didn't have that much income, but due to the cancer, her hospital visits, the donations to Goodwill of her personal belongings, she should have some itemized deductions.  I know she will get a little bit of refund, and I am not really in the mood to just let the government just have it, so to get the refund I have to file.

I hope for my loved ones sake, I die on December 31 of any year.

Until next time.

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