Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday - Resting

Well...kind of resting.  I was able to finish the top of my Lone Star quilt.
Although I got a little frustrated with the off set seams and sewing in an insert, I think overall it was a success.  You can click on the Quilt tab and see more details.
Also, my youngest daughter...Miss Zebra...had her first date, it was to Winter Formal, on Saturday.
Isn't she just too cute?  I know, I'm a mom and supposed to feel that way. LOL  That was taken at our house before they left.  Her dad isn't to happy to have her dating, since she is his little princess, but I told him, "she is a junior in high school, is 16, you have to let her out a little bit."  I know it is always a little tough to let the first one and the last one to go, but really hard for him because the oldest and the youngest are both girls.

Well, just wanted to drop in and update.  I am off to get a hair cut and some batting to finish the quilt.

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