Thursday, October 25, 2012

Got the bug!

It's official, I have the bug.  The quilting craft bug that is.

This was the last project I did.  My youngest grand son, Mr. M, was born 7 weeks early, weighing in at around 3.5 pounds.  I made this small quilt to cover his isolet in the hospital.  He is now over a year old.
Ain't he a cute thing?  I have fun with him, since I am daycare for him.  My oldest two grandsons live in Texas and I only see them about once a year.  That is hard, but that is how it has to be.

Before that, I made these.

The quilt set was a baby gift, although as I look at it am pretty sure that the sweater did not fit.  It seemed a little small when I made it, but I went with it any way.  The casserole carrier was a wedding gift.  I made the little pot holders out of the fabric that was cut out to make the handles area.

Now however, I am so ready to get working on some projects from my UFO list.

If you have been  following my blog, you already know that I have been on a long break from any crafting.  I used to have a corner of our bedroom for sewing. Then I was foolish and took a job outside the home, worked there for three years before resigning due to health issues.  Sadly, I don't qualify for any type of disability yet cannot go back to work.  I only went to work in the first place to earn work credits so I could draw my social security. Seems that even though I put in a fair amount of money over the years I worked before kids, I cannot draw any of it because I am lacking in the work credits.  Now I will never be able to get it.  Yes, I can draw on my husband, but darn it I paid that money in and should be able to get it.  At any rate, thought I would be working longer so packed up most of my quilting supplies since I didn't have time to work on anything.  Of course, when my dad passed away in 2003, I just kind of lost interest in any of it any way.  He was my biggest fan and with out him it just wasn't the same.  At any rate, I thought that I might like to start up scrapbooking.  So, I would take my check and buy all kinds of gizmos and gadgets for scrapbooking and lots of supplies in general for paper crafts.  Thinking I was preparing for my eventual retirement and would then have it all to work with when I no longer worked.  Only problem, I don't really like scrapbooking and it would seem that I am allergic to paper, well wood or wood products actually, and break out when ever I work with the papers.  I do however love to make cards, so guess the investment wasn't for nothing, except for a ton of rubber stamps I will never use.

Having all these supplies was a storage problem as you can well relate.  So...when youngest son moved in with a friend of his, I promptly repainted his room, moved my youngest daughter in to his room and then repainted her room and took it over.  Hubby calls it "the cave", I have tried to figure out a name for it.  Craft Cave, Sewing Studio, Diva Den, and so forth, but when I am talking to the family it just always comes out as "my room".  Sounds like I don't sleep with my husband, so don't like that part of it, so now it has just become the "spare room".  At any rate, I settled in and was actually doing quite a bit of work in there.
This is one of the ATC (Artist Trading Card) that I did with paper.  They are the size of a business card.
And of  course, I did some with fabric.  These are crazy quilt style.

I made card for various occasions, various techniques.

Then, I just got bored with all of it.  I did find that I really love the embossing part of the paper craft hobby.  Both texture embossing and ink embossing with heat.  The positive side, I know what I like to do.  The negative side, I have way too many supplies.  The really neat thing about it, most of my supplies can cross over so to speak.  In other words, a lot of my embellishments and ribbons for paper crafts can be used for crazy quilting and embroidery.  Some of the paper cutting equipment, the Cricut and Sizzix (die cutter) and be used for cutting quilting shapes.  And of course, I have bought more gizmos lately, for quilting my first love.

Back to the point, I had just really gotten settled in good when my mom become ill.  Soon as we found out she was terminal I packed it all up, put it in storage and turned it in to a bedroom for her to live here with us. I had a huge, I mean HUGE desk that I got spoiled to, that I got rid of when we did the change over.  I am so missing it, but there just wasn't any where to put it.  When mom passed away, we put in new carpet and I moved my supplies all back in, but I have kept some of her furniture from her little apartment.  Also bought a new sewing cabinet that has a built in cutting grid.  SO COOL!

If you want to take a peek, go to this post.  It shows the room how it is now. There are still a few changes I am going to make.  We are actually in the process of doing some remodel work on the house.  It has to go in a certain order, to make storing furniture easier, but the recliner was my mom's, I don't really like it and it is too big for this room, so am moving it in to the living room when I change out the furniture in there.  Long story for another time. I will be moving my mom's sewing machine cabinet (Kenmore model 90 machine inside it) in to our bedroom.  I should get rid of it, even though it sews wonderfully I know I will never use it. I do have loving sentimental attachments to it though.  However, this space where it is, I really need to move a small desk in here so that I have a place to write, go over bills, write out the menu plans and such so I need to get the PC and printer in here so I can easily scan and print from this room.  I also want to purchase a smaller chair and ottoman that has a pouch on each side to hold magazines, remotes and such, for in here when I move the recliner out.

So, here we are.  I am so ready to start working on projects once again.  That was a really long story to just say that when I was unpacking my supplies and stash, which I still haven't gotten all of it unpacked, just the part my hubby knows about. LOL  Any way, I found many unfinished projects, all in various stages.  Quilting, sewing garments, machine embroidery, crocheting and of course some paper crafts.  I have a good year or more worth of work, so can't possibly start anything new.  Except for some Christmas gifts.  Maybe a swap or two...okay, I will wait until after Christmas to get involved in any of that.  Maybe.

Well, thank you for stopping by.  Feel free to leave a comment, it is always nice to know some one is reading this.  Come back for a visit to see how I am doing with my crafting and what I am working on.

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  1. Always love reading your blog posts. I made that same Spiderman afghan for my grandson, and now he will not use any other - has to be his Spiderman afghan!